Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Dear Husband,

We've made it, Phew! 25 years since we first locked lips at that Old Folks Dance. I was 16 years and you were 17 years old. Age can be no excuse for us making the mistake of buying tickets to that for our very first date. Do you think it was an omen? Maybe we should go back to the venue in another 25 years.

It's been great and shite being married to you Honey. Lots of shite. I've done a quick calculation and it works out at approximately 17,500 nappy changes for the four kids over a two year period each. It's actually 17,520 but the 20 are the ones you did.

You know how you say now and then. "We could be living in a penthouse apartment in Ballsbridge with a Ferrari each outside if we didn't have the kids."
And I always protest and sigh and say "Oh! H u s b a n d!" Well, you're right. You're always right. So I've decided for the next quarter of our life let's enjoy ourselves. Lets put them up for adoption, sell the house and buy that apartment you've talked about. You can work long hours, get a cocaine habit, drink Champagne down Leeson Street and I can become anorexic so I can shop in Brown Thomas' and have affairs till my hearts content. What fun we'll have.

On a more serious note I do want to say thanks. Thanks for;

The kids,
The opportunity to travel and live in other countries
Your sense of humour,
Your kindness,
Your willingness to allow me to follow my dreams
Your patients,
Your company,
Your friendship
Your love,
Your easy manner,
Your credit card number.

I've always loved you and I always will.

Love, Ellen


PPS You might like to listen to this. It reminds me of that first date.

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Rhea said...

It's great to hear about a long-term relationship that works! So many don't.