Sunday, May 13, 2007


At 11.45 on Saturday I sat down in the cinema with The Husband and 9 kids to watch The Last Mimsey. It was Sarahs 7th Pretend Birthday, Wednesday being her real one. Afterwards we all went directly next door to MacDonald's for something to eat because the popcorn and coke had worn off their appetites. Toiletries were attended to before we walked the children through the Shopping Centre like the Von Trappe Family plus balloons and deposited them into our two cars ready for the drive home.

They sang the whole half hours drive and waved their balloons about so much it was hard to see out the rear view mirror. By the time we arrived they were 'starving' so we piled sweets and crisps and a chocolate birthday cake onto the table for the hungry mites. All washed down with bottles of Coke, poor thirsty loves.

Molly had a field day eating everything they dropped. I'd pick her over a Dyson any day. By 6pm all the kids had left or had been dropped home and The Husband had whipped around the house with his cloth and garbage bag and the place was spotless. Molly looked a bit lost and followed me around the house from room to room and hasn't stopped since. I checked and saw that she's in heat which would explain her odd behaviour. If I sit she sits looking up at me like I'm about to say 'WALKIES MOLLY' and if I stand she stands and walks behind me like a little white shadow.

The husband reckons she doesn't know what's happening to her but thinks I might be able to help her out somehow being Alpha Female in the house.

So I thought I'd sit her down and tell her a little bit about the birds and bees.

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Audrey said...

Ahhh Molly looks so cute. I remember that stool. I have a first birthday party to go to next week. You'll have to give me your recipe for that Birthday cake that takes hours. You know the one with the Maltesers and m&m's