Monday, June 18, 2007


The Husband likes things to be clean and tidy and so he spent Fathers Day doing what he likes to do best. Cleaning.

On Sunday he attacked with something akin to joy the Shed we inherited with our new holiday home in Wexford. He removed everything in it inspecting things to see if they were worth keeping and admiring surprise finds like the 3 unused fence stake spikes that might come in handy some day. Like when we need to pin Rachel down to the newly mowed lawn to stop her from going out drinking, having sex with some stranger and getting pregnant making us grandparents before we've stopped collecting her Children's Allowance. We need the money you see.

Afterwards he brushed and swept every surface and corner, even the ceiling, clear of dead spiders and cobwebs. By the time he was finished you could run your tongue around the place without finding even a splinter.

It's SO clean I have a niggling suspicion..........

When living with five females and a dog whos a bitch too becomes unbearable for the poor guy he might move in there.


aquaasho said...

A husband who loves to clean eh?! And one who buys you beautiful dresses out of the blue? Are you making this up Ellen, cos I am so jealous....

I love your proposed use of the stakes, could maybe do with them myself quite soon. And I can't stop smiling about the Children's Allowance!

KEYNOTER said...

I kid you not.......I'm a bit of a tidy freak myself. Wasn't always mind you. I remember bouncing over the clothing on my floor to get to my bed at 4am. It looked a little like my Rachels does now except not so BLACK.

When there are six in a house it seems to make for an easier life if things are in their place so you can lay your hands of things when you want them. He's not so good with the DIY though and never changes a lightbulb. If the whole house was in complete darkness he'd light a candle!

As for the presents; we do buy each other things during the year but most times we dont bother buying them on birthdays or Valentines Day or Mothers Day, just on ordinary days!!

I bet you are all looking forward to mid July! Cant wait to hear all about it!

Conortje said...

The stakes could also come in handy if Wexford is attacked by a plague of vampires... you just never know