Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm back

coming home

It was right then, when we went into the Iraqi Restaurant close by our hotel and ordered two beers while we decided what we were going to eat, that I realised I would be eating my meal with no carbs AND no alcohol...... (well, Iraqi's don't drink now do they? ) and somehow this didn't sit well with me. I was on my holidays wasn't I? FECK the no carb diet. Hadn't I read somewhere recently that eating no carbs for a long periods of time was bad for your health?

Yes, indeed I did I remembered as I munched down on some of the nicest naan-like bread I've ever eaten. Yep. I'm back on the carbs after exactly six long months and having stuck to it rigidly and having reached my target weight I'm ever so happy that it worked and is now.....OVER.

I did lots of walking around London while Rod was working. I explored several galleries, my favourite being The National Portrait Gallery where I took in Annie Leibovitz's wonderful photograph exhibition and in the evenings Rod and I drank wine and ate food in small restaurants we found off the main thoroughfares. Oh OK then, the closest restaurant when we felt hungry hence the Iraqi meal which was out of this world I might add.


I felt a little odd at times having nothing to do for anybody and nobody else to look after or consider except myself and I noticed myself keeping pace like a little ant with the rest of the crowed walking through the Underground when there was no need for it at all. So I slowed myself right down and enjoyed the feeling of wandering around that wonderful city knowing that I could relax in the knowledge that my kids were happy in the capable hands of my Mother whom I can only describe as the closest thing to a living saint. Who else would mind four kids and a dog for a week and be genuinely happy with a present of Harrods logo golf balls and tees in return?

london ii

Rod's off to Paris next month. I wonder if she's free and if the Louvre sell titanium golf clubs?

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