Thursday, March 12, 2009


So it's Wednesday morning and I am parking the car outside the school building. I approach my parking position perpendicular to the pavement. Just as I go to put my foot on the brake the feckin car front hits the pavement softly and slowly but makes an ungodly noise, an expensive noise and I make a noise too and it sounded like this: "FUCKIT"...........

and the kids say "MUM YOU SHOULDN'T SAY THAT WORD"

I NEED the car for something I'm working on especially for the next three days Thurs, Fri and Sat. but every time I start it up it makes an ungodly noise. It seems to stop as soon as I'm driving though. Still I have to leave it in to be fixed before it gets any worse or I have to take a longer than normal road trip. I'm hoping it's just something I've loosened like the radiator cover or something and............

I know exactly what I'm going to say to the Mechanic when he gives me his Bill and it wont be "Thank you".

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