Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The week

So I went to the garage to have my car fixed last Monday to get rid of the terrible noise underneath the front of the car.

Now the mechanic, who usually fixes my car, is a great guy but the problem is that I can never ever understand him. He speaks so fast and has a very strong country accent with a slight lisp. He usually chats away to me pointing here and there and I nod knowingly now and then picking out the odd word like, fan, radiator, €7,900, sorry.

But on Monday everything was different as I leaned forward after having asked him how much the repair would cost and we communicated in that great and wonderful universal language that I love so much where he waves his hand at me, shooing me away and I smile at him and wave back as I drive off into the sunset.

Saint Patricks Day was spent with family in our house and at the parade which passes the main street at the bottom of our road and for the rest of the week we've been doing normal things like visiting the chemist for bucket loads of painkillers to deaden the pain from the stomach cramp bug we all have here in the house.

Two of the kids were off sick yesterday and only one today so you see, we ARE making progress.

I've spent most of my painting time taking photos and processing them with my very favourite application GIMP and am badly in need of some new models as the ones here have upped their rates to €5 per shoot with a ceiling of 10 shots. I'm just waiting for one of them to understand the workings of a Union.

Here's a couple I did earlier

Mar 21, 2009 #363 EXPLORE


Mairead said...

Well at least the car is back in action, as are most of your family!! I was heading for divorce this week so it must be full moon or something else much more sinister. Anyway, feel free to use my kids as models anytime, and I mean 'antime'. xx

KEYNOTER said...

I'll take you up on that hun:)