Friday, April 10, 2009

The long and short of it

Now........... that the cars running fine, the kids are healthy (besides Audrey (7) needing a spittoon next to her day and night), the husbands cut down on his cigarette intake and is off the booze in order not to be tempted to break the world record of twenty cigarettes in as many seconds after the first bottle of wine, Rachel's (17) got a new girlfriend, Lara's (13) being fitted for braces on her teeth although I'd prefer if it was a chastity belt, I've had a headache for two weeks in a row, Audrey's (7) adult front tooth is peeping out at last , it started raining the moment the kids got their Easter Holidays ........ not much has changed since I last updated here.

I find life seems so much more palatable and easier when written in short concise hind sighted sentences like the one above and much much easier to look back and laugh at without all the emotional turmoil being attached.

For example a sentence like, .......stayed awake all Tuesday night when I couldn't contact Rachel and she never returned home till the next day......would have been so much easier for me to go through if I'd thought of it just like that at 3.34am but no, she didn't answer her phone because somebody had turned it off. She NEVER turns her phone off because when she does she becomes very anxious. So someones taken it from her, forced it off of her and she's now lying dead down a cold wet and dark lane way, I'll have to arrange the funeral, invite both families, we'll all have to wear black clothes and dark sunglasses as we stare down into the grave, I'll become very depressed after the shocks worn off, turn to antidepressants, abuse antidepressants, spend all my housekeeping money on numbing myself with painkillers and end up in Mount Joy prison for robbing the local Pharmacy.

But besides those kind of things.

Life's been good lately



Ellen said...

Oh, you're so funny. And I completely emphatize.

jothemama said...

You do it too! While I've conditioned myself to deal with the fact that my husband may or may not be dead at 5 am when he's not answering his phone, but I'm not looking forwards to the kids' teens in that respect at all!

Coastal Aussie said...

Missing your posts. Hoping you'll write more soon.