Monday, May 11, 2009

When some things put other things into perspective

These past couple of weeks have been a little hectic. Most of my time in between school trips, cooking dinners and house cleaning has been spent organizing an Arts Festival which ran over the last two weekends as well as the work that I do for my local art gallery. But now that the festival is over life should be returning to normal at last and I'll have hours to spend blogging away to my hearts content and doing things like spending 45 minutes editing that photo up there on top that I took for my May masthead which in the end turns out to be not wide enough but will have to do for now because quite frankly I don't reckon mastheads are worth spending 1/12 of my day on when I could quite easily be painting my toe nails instead.

Besides the early mornings and late nights attending the festival functions things have been quite normal if you don't take into consideration things like;

Our dog has started random farting due to her advanced age of 10 years
Sarah turned 9 on the 9Th of May 2009
Lara broke up with her boyfriend, then it was back on, then off, then on again
Rod gave up the cigarettes, then was back on, then off, then on again
Audrey still cries minimum five times per day
Rachel's friend died this weekend.

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