Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Can you figure out what I ate for breakfast this morning?


That photo up there is my breakfast before it was poked, mushed and mauled by the kids to their utter disbelief and disappointment that this is actually what's inside their figrolls

I wasn't going to mention anything about my weight here online, you know, like how much I actually weighed before I started this diet on 18th August and how much I want to lose but now I am going to be honest here and let the whole Internet know that I planned on loosing 17lbs when I started and to date I've lost 9lbs on this no carb diet. It really does work and now if I lose one more pound I'll be at 140lbs/10stone and 7lbs off my target weight of 133lbs.

You have no idea how I am SO waiting for when the needle on my weighing scales hits the one zero mark so that I can grab the husband by the arm and take him on a date to Zaytoon where I am going to order and eat an extra large Donner kebab and not care when it starts dribbling down my face and edging towards my ears. And besides I'll probably order another one just for the hell of it.

Now I've to start planning on how to celebrate the next 7lbs. Perhaps a full sliced pan toasted and buttered. That sounds absolutely perfect to me, a person who only this morning actually considered fishing out Sarahs blackened and unwanted toasted cheesey from the waste bin.


Nick Fegan said...

Hi Ellen,
Thanks for your forever kind comments on my work. I love the way thin Woman talk about their 'excessive' weight..(not you of course).Very annoying when you have the perfect figure...PLEASE Ellen! Your site keeps getting better and better too. (i feel terrible i've not been on it in a good while)


Audrey said...

I did the same thing when I reach 133lbs (which I am now) I went to my favourite ribs restaurant and made a lil piggy of myself. I so deserved it :) well done on your weigh lose. You have more will power than me. I had to run off my calories and that took so much feckin time